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With our team of seasoned professionals we craft events that are completely customized, reflecting uniqueness of each client.


Have a tasteful and delicious never ending affair with life with our catering service.

We bring together the decades of expertise, and the finest range of menu from various cuisines to cater an elite and posh event that stands forever in your guest’s mind and make your event even more memorable. ...

We are one of the leading event catering service providers in Coimbatore. We offer tasty and delicious food, and we are the catering service provider that you can rely on for all occasions, which includes birthday party catering, corporate catering and wedding catering. We put a wide spread of menu for our buffet catering that satisfies the requirements of both our clients and satiates their guests and make them satisfied.

Our menus are innovative and scrumptious and they are presented in an elegant and eye candy manner that can be adapted to align with any theme or the occasion of the events.

We have a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated and strive to throw up the event that's both hassle free and result in a grand success. The team passion is our catalyst to progress towards the path of progression.


We bring down celestial bodies to embellish the stage to bring the touch of mysticism and elegancy on your big day.

Decoration is the most significant factor of any big events, as it gives the event its own unique, creative look and feel. We are experts in the field of decoration. ...

We at Jamboree events with our team of creative people create and innovate and implement the perfect infrastructure and decoration for any events. Unlike other decorators of recent times that fill the space with just materials, in our decorations, luxury and richness are in every part of the decoration.

We follow a professional and strategic flow of the process, right from scratch, starting from the research, create, design and the final step is decorating the stage for the big event.

We make sure that your guests are inspired by the decoration right from the entrance to exit. We offer all decoration services ranging from flower decoration, wedding stage backdrop and corporate stage decoration.

Our decorations are for every budget, starting from the simple stage decoration to a grandeur stage decoration.


Our studio services are as scared as the adobe of God, as that’s where we capture the memories.

We’re the photography studio who excels in all fields of photography ranging from wedding photography to event photography. We provide world class photography services at an affordable price. ...

Our package encapsulates various services such as bridal shoot photography, pre-wedding shoot, and the wedding shoot. Our persistence in delivering unique photography experience for our clients has made us the most reputable event photography studio till date. Our creative photographers create an intriguing and mystic composition and script the scene for elegant portrait which results in providing the elegant bequest that would be cherished forever.

Surprise Events

Surprise adds the zing to any bond. We help you in adding those zing with our packages of surprises.

There is no other way to make your dear and near ones elated during their special day, expect surprising them in the most unexpected way. We assist you in organizing the surprise for your loved one. Happiness is the surprise from the loved ones on their special day. ...

If you’re not sure about ways through which you can surprise your dear ones, we step in and help you with our various unique packages, each one is unique. We have a team of young and energetic people who have discussion with clients to know what their requirements are, and we come with surprise ideas. Unlike others in the industry we come up with ingenuous ideas to surprise our client. Our services vary from flash mob to mosaic collage frame to caricature. You list out your requirements, and we come up with the craziest and unique ideas.


Life is a carnival and we make the carnival interesting with our wide range of events.

The Event service is our most popular service. Event is all about positivity. Our events lift the overall feel of the atmosphere. Our events enable the audience to forget about their day to day mundane life routine and forget the self and indulge in the event's spirit. At Jamboree, events are carnival by its own. ...

We have a colossal collection of events ranging from basic DJ events to artistic performance of flexible Acro dancers who sway to the rhythm of the music played in the background.

We script, create and direct both Indian events such as Kathakali, a story play form of art to western originated bagpiper band that display their skill that leave the audience mesmerized and awestruck. We take immense pride to say that we are the only event management in the industry with such a variety of vibrancy and colorful events.


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